Artist's Statement:

I chose watercolour as the medium I wanted to work with knowing little of its innate challenges. After a number of years where my artistic endeavours were relegated to random doodles in the margins of notebooks, the initial challenge of the large white page was intimidating and efforts to transfer the image in the mind to that pristine piece of paper seemed doomed to the dreaded "mud." Embarking on a relationship with watercolour demands concentration and humility on the part of the artist.  An adventure full of surprises, delights and disappointments, it never ceases to fascinate and entice the artist to venture further, to take the next step and develop a respect for the medium and its unique qualities. My fascination with watercolours endures and I love interpreting the landscape around me and exploring the many remarkable images of the everyday objects that fill our lives. I am now enjoying painting in oils and acrylics which present a whole new set of intriguing challenges.